Investment Casting Equipment List

… Custom Netshape Castings from Concept to Completion

                                    Over 30 years of meeting customer needs…
Engineering… Rapid Prototyping… Tooling… Netshape Castings… Heat Treatment… Testing… Machining… Plating & Painting… Assembly


Wax Room:

  • Tempcraft Fully automatic wax injection press
  • Tempcraft 4 post wax injection press
  • Janhke C-frame 12-ton wax injection press
  • Janhke C-frame 18-ton wax injection press
  • Leyden 4 post wax injection press
  • MPI dual station wax injection press
  • 2 wax conditioning tanks

Dip Room:

  • 4 Slurry Dip Tanks
  • 2 Slurry Mix Tanks
  • 2 Rainfall sanders
  • 3 Fluidized beds


  • WSF Industries AutoClave
  • Pacific Kiln Flashfire


  • 325 kW power supply Inductotherm Electric Resistance melt furnace
  • 175 kW power supply Inductotherm Electric Resistance melt furnace
  • 4 pre-heat ovens
  • 1 gas fired aluminum melt furnace


  • Pnuematic air hammer for ceramic removal
  • Ceramic Blad cut-off saw
  • 1 Hydraulic assisted 'Power-Pak' gate grinder
  • 3 free-hand gate grinders
  • 1 Goff Stainless Steel shot blaster
  • 2 Goff Steel shot blasters
  • 1 Table shot blaster
  • 1 Tumble sand blaster
  • 2 manual hand sand blasters
  • 1 manual hand glass bead blaster


  • CMM LK G-80C (55"x72"x14") Renishaw Probe Interface & Controller w/ PH 10-T Head
  • 2 Bridgeport CNC mills
  • 2 manual knee mills
  • 1 manual lathe
  • 1 CMC
  • 1 Plunge EDM
  • Manual machining equipment
  • Manual measuring and inspection equipment


  • 2 spectro chemical analysis machines

Rapid Prototyping:

  • 1 3D Systems ThermoJet printer Model 2000


  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • Paradox
  • Guardian
  • Cast Master
"…with an emphasis on Customer Relations and Quality Control, PCT consistently provides design engineering, precision cast parts, and turnkey products while lowering cost, increasing design flexibility, and minimizing lead times.
The investment casting process is a designer's dream, which can provide thin wall castings with complex geometry, or simply convert a multi-piece component to a single cast part with unlimited alloy choices…Low alloy steels, high alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, nickel based, cobalt based, bronze, and aluminum cast alloys."
If you think we can meet your needs, give us a call. T. Allen Bransford
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