Metal Heat Treatment

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Investment casting heat treatment expands the mechanical properties of metal alloys by providing higher thresholds of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and hardness. Precision Casting of Tennessee offers extensive in-house heat treating services, eliminating the high cost of vendor outsourcing. 

Annealed Castings

Investment castings can increase tensile strength and elasticity through annealing. Annealing also provides varying degrees of metal hardness or softness.  


This process is ideal for low carbon steel alloys. Carbonitriding increases wear resistance and surface hardness by diffusing the casting with carbon and nitrogen atoms, creating slip barriers at the surface.

Case Hardening

Also referred to as surface hardening, this method infuses hardening elements into the casting's surface to provide an extra layer of protection.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Castings undergo simultaneous high temperature and high inert gas pressure, resulting in increased machinability and density. With HIP, investment castings can achieve 100% density, high purity, and close porosity without distorting internal or external geometry.

Induction Hardening

The investment casting is first subjected to induction hardening, then quenched to increase the hardness of the part.

Solution Annealing

This method increases the corrosion resistance of steel by introducing carbon to steel at high temperature. The carbon is then trapped in the solution, increasing the mechanical properties of the casting.


Proper tempering improves ductility, crack resistance, malleability, and toughness. Through controlled reheating, PCT is able to quickly reduce the brittleness of any metal alloy.


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