New Precision Castings of Tennessee Website Brings 5000 Year Old Investment Castings into the 21st Century

GALLATIN, TENN (9/01/09) -- Precision Castings of Tennessee unveiled their new website, www.netshapecastings.com, to target the many industrial, commercial, and governmental industries seeking complex, highly repeatable metal-formed castings.

The new site provides industry-specific examples of PCT's award-winning Netshape casting solutions. Updated case studies, design guides, and white papers offer invaluable information for visitors considering a conversion to investment castings.

Fueled by 30 years of investment casting expertise, PCT's comparison page accurately highlights the many benefits of investment casting over other metal-forming methods. Separate sections on machining, sand casting, weldments, and forging are provided to help customers consider the advantages and disadvantages of all available options.

A respective page for each alloy type covers unique mechanical properties and performance characteristics. High quality imagery is also provided, showing real world usage of aluminum, steel, bronze, stainless steel, and copper castings.

The investment casting advantage page answers many of the frequently asked questions PCT receives over the phone. From thin wall capabilities to linear tolerances, PCT conveys the breadth of investment casting's design flexibility.

About Precision Castings of Tennessee

Featuring close tolerances, weight reduction opportunities, and a wide selection of alloys, PCT's Netshape investment castings offer unlimited design potential. PCT, located in Gallatin, Tenn., specializes in producing highly intricate, cost-effective metal castings with high rates of repeatability.


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