Precision Castings of Tennessee takes ICI casting contest top honors

Precision Castings has won the electronics category for our laser range finder and target acquisitioning system at this year's Investment Casting Institute Casting Competition.

The conversion to stainless steel casting reduced machining and weight while increasing strength and corrosion resistance.

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Investment Castings from PCT

Precision Castings of Tennessee is an award winning investment casting supplier capable of high quality, cost-effective metalcasting solutions that are limited only by the imagination.

Investment castings offer complex internal geometries, significant weight reduction opportunities, and unlimited alloy choices for the ultimate in design flexibility.

The reduction or elimination of secondary machining allows us to easily convert multi-part assemblies into single, as-cast parts with high rates of repeatability. Thin wall capabilities, smooth surface finishes, and consistent dimensional accuracies make investment casting the simple solution to complex engineering.

Military Castings

Investment castings increase the accuracy, safety, range, and lethality of today's weapon systems and military vehicles.

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Investment Castings News

PCT Investment Casting Featured in INCAST Magazine

A finalist in the Investment Casting Institute’s recent casting contest, the three-piece assembly manufactured by Precision Castings of Tennessee (PCT), illustrates not only the flexibility of investment casting as a manufacturing process, but also how pervasive investment casting is in everyday life.


PCT Wins ICI Award for Cable-Tite Castings

The Investment Casting Institute awarded Precision Casting of Tennessee, Inc. for the design and casting of Cable-Tite components.


New Precision Castings of Tennessee Website Brings 5000 Year Old Investment Castings into the 21st Century

Precision Castings of Tennessee unveiled their new website to target the many industrial, commercial, and governmental industries seeking complex, highly repeatable metal-formed castings.

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Precision Castings of Tennessee

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